Thursday, April 09, 2020

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Custom Special Pack for Chocolates

When a custom mix beyond the standard options is desired, an order form (PDF) is provided to specify your order.  On this form, you may specify the quantity of Assorted, Nuts & Chews, Creams, or Truffles, and any specific instructions in the "Special Pack Boxes" note field. This form may also be used for special order popcorns, and has the volume discount percentages for large orders.


Sam's Club Ordering

Some of our most popular products can be ordered and even shipped by Sam's Club, saving our customers money and providing the convenience of in-store pickup or shipping at a lower cost than otherwise possible. These products include Snowy Popcorn in either the 8 oz or 30 oz size, and the 1 lbs Assorted Chocolates. Please note that the assorted chocolates only available directly from Danielle's Chocolates and Popcorn includes both milk, dark, and white chocolate, and includes chocolates with and without nuts, so you need to contact us directly to order chocolates.

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