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Made with butter, cream, nuts, coconut, cherries and other decadent ingredients, these chocolates provide wonderful variety for any box of candy.

Caramel cut


Rich, golden caramel that is cooked slowly to provide a truly rich flavor.

Carmellow Cut Photoshopped


A layer of our rich caramel along with a layer of our soft, smooth marshmallow.

Turtle cut


Caramel lying on a bed of pecan pieces wrapped in a blanket of smooth chocolate.

Haystack Cut 1


Crunchy toasted coconut blended with chocolate.

Toffee Cut

English Toffee

Delicious, crunchy toffee center, made with real butter.

Marzipan Cut


A soft center made with almond paste giving a nice almond flavor.

Cherry cordials 1

Cherry Cordials

Sweet Maraschino Cherries surrounded by a liquid center.

Coconut cut

Coconut Mounds

Moist, sweet coconut makes this center a taste sensation.

Boxes are packed to weight. All our chocolates are handmade and therefore will vary in size. Some pieces are typically larger (Turtlettes, Caramels and Clusters). When packing boxes the total number of pieces will vary depending on those selected.

Sampler Box - $10.00 (Appx 9 pieces) 9 oz Box - $17.00 (Appx 15 pieces)
1# Box - $28.00 (Appx 28 pieces) 2# Box - $56.00 (Appx 56 pieces)
3# Box - $84.00 (Appx 84 pieces) 5# Box - $135.00 (Appx 140 pieces)


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