Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Nuts and Clusters

Rich milk or dark chocolate blended with your favorite nut or Fruit
Almond Cluster Side2 1
Almonds Almond Cluster Side2 2 Brazil Almond Cluster Side2 3 Cashews
 Cranberry Cluster Cut Cranberries Hazelnut Cluster Cut  Hazelnuts Macadamia Cluster Cut Macadamias
 Peanut Cluster cut  Peanuts Pecan Cluster Cut  Pecans Almond Cluster Side2 4 Raisins

Boxes are packed to weight.  All our chocolates are handmade and therefore will vary in size.  Some pieces are typically larger (Turtlettes, Caramels and Clusters).  When packing boxes the total number of pieces will vary depending on those selected.

   Sampler Box—$8.00 (Appx 9 pieces)

9oz Box—$14.00 (Appx 15 pieces)

1# Box—$22.00 (Appx 28 pieces)

2# Box—$44.00 (Appx 56 pieces)

3# Box—$66.00 (Appx 84 pieces)

5#  Box—$110.00 (Appx 140 pieces)

     Loose Nuts  


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