Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Assorted Creams



Our creams are made with fresh heavy whipping cream and fill your mouth with a rich, smooth combination of chocolate and creamy goodness. All creams are dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.

Cherry Almond Cut
Chocolate Fudge Cut
French Mint Cut
d Lemon Cream Cut
Cherry almond
A blend of chopped almonds and 
maraschino cherries in an almond cream surrounded by milk or dark chocolate
Chocolate Fudge
A rich chocolate fudge covered with yet more milk or dark chocolate. 
French Mint
A strong mint that is covered alternately with both milk and dark chocolate
A wonderful, full citrus flavor that is intensified with lemon peel
Maple Nut Cut2 Mango Cream Cut Olympian Cream Cut  
Orange Cream Cut
Maple Nut
A Delightful blend of maple and pecans all covered with milk or dark chocolate
The unique taste of mango then dipped in milk or dark chocolate.
A rich brown-sugar cream dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.
Sweet, tangy orange with orange peel added for an extra zing and then dipped in milk or dark chocolate.
Peanut Butter Cream Cut  
Raspberry Cream Cut 1
   Rum Cream Cut   Strawberry Cream Cut
Peanut butter
A smooth cream made with lots of peanut butter 
Made with real raspberries this cream has a full, real flavor
A creamy butter rum flavor
Sweet strawberry flavor enhanced with a decadent chocolate
Vanilla Cream Cut

Pure vanilla flavor makes this cream simple and delicious

Boxes are packed to weight.  All our chocolates are handmade and therefore will vary in size.  Some pieces are typically larger (Turtlettes, Caramels and Clusters).  When packing boxes the total number of pieces will vary depending on those selected.

Sampler Box—$8.00 (Appx 9 pieces)

9oz Box—$14.00 (Appx 15 pieces)

1# Box—$22.00 (Appx 28 pieces)

2# Box—$44.00 (Appx 56 pieces)

3# Box—$66.00 (Appx 84 pieces)

5#  Box—$110.00 (Appx 140 pieces)

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