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Truffles have chocolate centers as well as being dipped in chocolate. A French truffle, also known as a ganache, is very richand creamy. The Bavarian or a melt-away, have centers that melt in your mouth.


Bavarian Truffles   French Truffles
Cheese Cake Truffle Cut aa Mint Truffle cut aaaaa Almond Truffle cut   Mocha Truffle Cut
Cheesecake   Mint  fasfa Almond aa Mocha
A white chocolate cheesecake center with berries dipped in either millk or dark chocolate   A vibrant Mint truffle made with milk chocolate and dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.   Dark chocolate flavored with almond oil and sliced almond dipped in either dark or milk chocolate   The popular blend of coffee and milk chocolate dipped in either dark or milk chocolate.
Chocolate Nut Truffle Cut   Peanut Butter Truffle Cut   Caramel Truffle cut   Orange Truffle Cut 1
Chocolate nut   Peanut Butter   Caramel   Orange
This milk chocolate truffle is filled with pecan pieces and dipped in either dark or milk chocolate.   A smooth milk truffle that is made with creamy peanut butter and dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.  

Milk chocolate blended with rich caramel then dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.

  wonderful blend of milk chocolate and the fruity goodness of oranges. Dipped in milk or dark chocolate.
Key Lime Truffle Cut1  
Rum Truffle Cut
  Cinnamon Truffle   Raspberry Truffle Cut
Key Lime Truffle   Rum    Cinnamon   Raspberry
This truffle is a wonderful blend of white chocolate and key limes dipped in white chocolate with graham crackers mixed in for a delightful taste.   A creamy milk chocolate butter rum truffle dipped in milk or dark chocolate.   Dark chocolate truffle flavored with real cinnamon spice for a luscious combination the dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.   Dark chocolate truffle flavored with a mild raspberry then dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.
Lemon Truffle Cut   Toffee Truffle cut3  
French Chocolate Truffle cut
  Red Velvet
Lemon   Toffee   French Chocolate   Red Velvet
This white chocolate truffle has a full lemon flavor and dipped in creamy white chocolate.   Toffee pieces blended with a toffee flavored white chocolate center dipped in milk or white chocolate.  

A Simple, delicious dark chocolate truffle which is then dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

  The rich flavor of red velvet blended with milk chocolate dipped in either milk or dark chocolate chocolate and topped with a cream cheese infused white chocolate.


Boxes are packed to weight.  All our chocolates are handmade and therefore will vary in size.  Some pieces are typically larger (Turtlettes, Caramels and Clusters).  When packing boxes the total number of pieces will vary depending on those selected.


Sampler Box—$8.00 (Appx 9 pieces)

9oz Box—$14.00 (Appx 15 pieces)

1# Box—$22.00 (Appx 28 pieces)

2# Box—$44.00 (Appx 56 pieces)

3# Box—$66.00 (Appx 84 pieces)

5#  Box—$110.00 (Appx 140 pieces)

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